How to use manual proxy setup
Hello and welcome to our manual proxy setup guide.
Go to "Setup" in your account
Click on Setup
Click on "Manual setup"
Click on Manual setup
Click on "Create proxy"
Click on Create proxy
Select the location you need and click on "Create proxy"
Select location, click on Create proxy
Use the connection credentials to connect, use our OS or browser specific guides. Change your location by clicking on the location link ("US, CA, Los Angeles, any" on the screenshot), this doesn't require reconnection from your side. Click on "Get new IP" to refresh your IP
Connection credentials, change location, click on Get new IP to refresh IP
That's it! With this guide you'll be able to use our services by setting up a manual connections which you can then use in your OS, browser, or any proxy app or browser extension. We support the unlimited number of connections so you can create an unlimited amount of proxies for yourself or your team.
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